Mini service schedule 2

Checking Your Mini Service

Third Generation

(F55/F56/F57 - 3 door, 5 door And convertible)

1. Using the menu control go to VEHICLE INFORMATION

4. Brake fluid is due to be changed in November 2019

Over time moisture and heat can make brake fluid less effective.

2. Scroll down to VEHICLE STATUS and enter the menu

5. Vehicle Inspection is the date the MOT on this car it is due May 2020

If your car is over 3 years old you are required by law to have a annual MOT. If you are unsure, you can check when your MOT is due by visiting

This is A Free Service

6. Engine oil is a service, the level of service depends on mileage and service history on this car it is due january 2021 or in 16000 miles

Making sure your car is serviced regularly will help keep your car reliable.

3. Scroll down to SERVICE REQUIREMENTS and enter the menu

7. This symbol means INSPECTION which is a full checkover of the vehicle.