Price List

MOT £50

If your car is over 3 years old you are required by law to have a annual MOT. If you are unsure you can check when your MOT is due by visiting

This Is A Free Service

Full Check-over £89

A full check over is a thorough inspection of your vehicle. A full check over is included as part of a service.

Brake Fluid Change £54

As your brake fluid gets older, heat and moisture can affect its performance, as well as rust brake pipes. We recommend getting your brake fluid changed every two years to maintain the braking system.

Plug-In Diagnostic £54

We have full diagnostics equipment including full Mini Dealer level diagnostics and coding capability.

Initial Diagnostic £54

Have a problem with your car? Initial Diagnostic charge is £54 any further investigation of a fault will be charged by the hour subject to confirmation from the customer.

Puncture Repair £20

Getting a nail in the tyre doesn’t always mean buying a new one, depending on the location of the puncture it can be repaired much cheaper than replacing it.

Tracking £30

Is your car not going in a straight line? Do the tyres have uneven wear? It’s possible that your vehicles wheel alignment may be incorrect.

Hydrogas Suspension Pump

up £54